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In January 2017, The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania, TMP, presented us with the challenge of expanding the reach of youth mentoring to include all children in the United States. In the coming seven months, we created:

  • EM2025 Framework to guide TMP’s five-year plan in implementing
    Everyday Mentoring
  • Magnify mobile app for training Everyday Mentors
  • Magnify dashboard for capturing mentoring data for TMP
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Who are Everyday Mentors?
We defined Everyday Mentors as adults with existing bonds with youths. These are coaches, librarians, crossing guards, etc. As we help them to realize their mentoring potential, they can create a seamless support structure of caring adults to meet the shortage of youth mentors.






About the GLC:

The Global Learning Council (GLC) was founded recently by Carnegie Mellon University and other organizations to be a platform for leaders in Ed Tech on a global scale. Every year, the GLC convenes leaders in a summit, where they identify current issues in Ed Tech. During the ensuing year, the GLC compiles solutions, and recommends a set of best practices to meet the challenges that were raised.

My involvement:

I joined the project as the UX lead, to help improve the design of the website for the upcoming summit. However, after my initial assessment of the website, it became clear to me that a simple redesign would  not be enough. I devised a two step plan one to meet the current needs of the GLC and another to help set the direction of the GLC for the future. 

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My role


2- glean information that would help move the project forward. jdljfsdlfsadlfjsdlkfj

1- As the UX Lead, I was tasked with scoping the project and focusing on the vision for the GLC. I was also in charge of making contact with leaders in Ed Tech, and

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Stay Tuned- More to be added....