Codepath University_ iOS Bootcamp :

Codepath's Entry Challenge: Tip Calculator

Duration: 10 days

Skills:  Wireframing_ Swift Programming_ Visual Design. 

Project summary

In Fall, 2015 I enrolled in a C++ course at City College of San Francisco. The same semester, Codepath University's pilot program was brought to our school. Codepath is an organization founded by engineers that provides accelerated mobile courses to engineers and designers.

From a pool of 100 candidates, I was among the 20 students that Codepath University selected for a three month intensive iOS programming bootcamp. 

The selection was based on a challenge to create an app. We were evaluated for our willingness to take risks and go beyond the minimum requirements for the app. We also had to demonstrate the readiness to share knowledge and help other candidates.

The Challenge

For the challenge, we had to create a tip calculator app. A one hour video showed how to create The basic app. 
The challenge was to follow the instructions, fill in the informational gaps, and improve the app by adding features.

My process

I had ten days to implement the features. I broke down the project into different levels of difficulty. On the one hand were the UX considerations and the UI implementations, on the other hand was the backend coding necessary to make the features work. 

I first created the basic version of the app, focusing on understanding the basics of swift. I then came up with a rough wireframe of the app, and from there, implemented the UI.

Here is a day to day breakdown:

Day 1

Fulfilled the operational requirements, such as downloading the necessary programs (Xcode, gitHub), upgrading memory on my computer, and learning how to interact with the online repository.

Day 2-3

Learned the essentials of using the swift language. Created a basic tip calculator after following a one hour online tutorial from Codepath. Researched possible additional features.

Day 4

Help session. Programing issues

Days 5-6

Research, paper prototype and better the UX.

Day  7-8-9

Changing the UI reconciling with the UX finding out what is doable what needs to be left out within the scope of the plan.

Day 10

Final touches

My GitHub link: