Who is Yousef ?


I am Yousef! A designer, a linguist, an eternal learner with a passion for cooking and arts. What inspires me are stories we all carry around. And that’s the best part of being a designer: The opportunity to listen to and understand the other.


Four more things you should know about me



I am a conjuror

I draw everywhere and without an agenda. Sometimes I like to let the tip of my pen (or cursor) take me on an adventure. The result is always a remarkable discovery of unfamiliar creatures inhabiting my mind. 


I am a citizen of the world


I speak different languages: Farsi, French, Russian, German, English ( hopefully Mandarin and Arabic at some point!). What I love about languages is everything they can reveal about people: how we are all similar, and unique at the same time.


I get along with anybody


Whether it’s friends, colleagues, or my roommates’ pet birds, I think all it takes to live in peace is our willingness to walk in the other person’s shoes ( or feathers).  


I have a passion for learning


 There is nothing that can keep me going like talking to people; that precious chance to reexamine what seems familiar or uninteresting to me through the world of their experiences, and find a new passion. 


Contact me

email: yookaze@gmail.com